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Office of Executive Engineer (E)

BSNL Electrical  Division ,  Bilaspur

1st Floor Kumud Niwas , Near Gujrati Samaj Bhawan , Tikrapara Bilaspur ( C.G.) 

Phone no.   07752- 268899 , Fax no. 07752-268888


No        40(1) (08)/EE(E)/BSNL/BSP /2018-19//    200    //  Bilaspur   , dated: - 10/07/2018


The Executive Engineer (Elect.), BSNL Electrical Division, First Floor Kumud Niwas , Near Gujrati Samaj Bhawan , Tikrapara Bilaspur ( C.G.)    invites Online Item rate E-tenders on single bid system on behalf of Bharat  Sanchar Nigam Limited (A Government of India Enterprise) from eligible contractors for the following work :-


      08  /EEE/BSNL/ BSP/2018-2019

Name of Work

Operation & Comprehensive maintenance of EMS in Max-I Ambikapur bdg    & its staff quarters compound & comprehensive maintenance of EMS in Telephone Exchanges & staff quarters in near by area.( SH :- Attending the defects of Split/window AC units on Risk & Cost of m/s Shree Gouri   Electric Enterprise Kolkata)

Estimated Cost put to tender

Rs. 2,61,877.00                    

Earnest Money

Rs. 5238.00

Cost of Bid Document

Rs. 590/- i/c G.S.T.

Period of completion

    One Month.

Last date & Time of online submission of online Bid

       25/07/2018         upto       (12:30 PM)

Late date & Time by which EMD ,Cost of Bid Document and other documents  in a sealed envelope  shall be submitted in Division

    25/07/2018         upto       (12:30 PM)

Time & Date of opening of sealed envelope containing EMD ,cost of Bid Document and other documents   of intending bidders in Division

    25/07/2018            At         (01:00 PM)

Time & Date of online opening of  Bid.

    25/07/2018           At         (01:00 PM)


1)             Eligibility Criteria: -


The Contractors should satisfy the following conditions:


1.1 Average annual turnover during the last 3 years, ending 31st March of the previous financial year, should be at least 30% of the estimated cost put to tender.


1.2  The manufacturer/authorized dealer /OEM of any of the makes of major equipment included in the NIT. The letter of authorization from manufacturer in original/ photocopy attested by BSNL Executive will be submitted.


1.3 Experience of having successfully completed similar works in BSNL during last 7 years ending last day of month previous to the one in which applications are invited , should be either of the following :

Three similar successfully completed works costing not less than the amount equal to 40% of the estimated cost put to tender.


Two similar successfully completed works costing not less than the amount equal to 60% of the estimated cost put to tender.


One similar successfully completed work costing not less than the amount equal to 80% of the estimated cost put to tender.


1.4 BSNL enlisted contractors in Electrical category of respective class as per their tendering limits.




Ψ Similar work means  Repairing of PAC / Split / Window Ac units .

Ψ The work completion certificate issuing authority in respect of above shall not be below the rank of Executive Engineer ( E )

 NOTE- B  ( in addition to eligibility criteria above, the contractor should submit and confirm )


Ψ  The agency should have   PAN Card, CA certificate for IT clearance

Ψ    The agency  should have valid  GST, EPF and ESI registration .

The agency should fulfill the relevant clause of BSNL Form EW-6 and should furnish a certificate regarding No near relatives.

                 The time allowed for carrying out the work will be One month from the 10th day after the date of written order to commence the work.


2)             Agreement shall be drawn with the successful Tenderer on prescribed Form No. BSNL EW-8 with up to date correction slips, which is available as a BSNL Publication/ BSNL and shall quote his rates as per various terms and conditions of the said form which will form part of the agreement.


3)             The intending bidder has to fill all the details such as Banker's name, Demand Draft/Fixed Deposit Receipt /Pay Order/ Banker's Cheque /Bank Guarantee number, amount and date

                                 I.            Cost of Bid Document (Non Refundable) – Demand Draft amounting to Rs 590/- (Rs Five  Hundred Ninety  Only) drawn in favour of AO (CASH),O/o GMTD  BSNL Bilaspur  shall be scanned and uploaded to the E- tendering website within the period of bid submission and original should be deposited in office of Executive Engineer[E].


                              II.            E--Tender Processing Fee (Non Refundable) –As applicable and online payment as per the current provisions of M/s  ITI LTD.


                           III.            Earnest Money of Rs  5238.00 (Rs Five  Thousand  Two Hundred Thirty Eight       Only))in Banker’s Cheque / Deposit at Call Receipt of a scheduled bank / fixed deposit receipt of a scheduled bank  / Demand draft / bank guarantee  of a scheduled bank issued in favour of A.O. (CASH), O/o GMTD  BSNL Bilaspur  , shall be scanned and uploaded to the e tendering website within the period of bid submission and original should be deposited in office of Executive Engineer[E].

Note: Money due to contractor in any other work or earnest money of the previous call of the same work shall not be adjusted towards earnest money. The Cost of bid document and Earnest Money should be submitted through separate instruments.


4)       Documentary proof of satisfying the eligibility conditions as per 1) above ,  copy of PAN card , Copy of valid GST  registration , copy of CA certificate for turnover, copy of EPF & ESI Registration certificate    ( all documents shall be self attested.)


5)    The bid document consisting of plans, Specifications, the schedule of quantities of various types of items to be  executed and the set of terms and conditions of the contract to be complied with and other necessary
documents, specification ,methodology of work  including General Conditions Of Contract Form can be seen and downloaded from website and free of cost up to last date and time of online bid submission.


6)   But the Bid can only be submitted after uploading the following scanned documents (all documents shall be self attested)–


a.       Documentary proof of satisfying eligibility conditions as per 1) above.


b.      Copy of PAN card, valid GST registration, CA certificate for turnover, EPF  & ESI Registration certificate,.


c.       Demand draft of cost of tender documents..


d.      EMD in prescribed form.

e.       Undertaking for None of near relative, Undertaking-A (abide by EW-6&8), Undertaking for EPF & ESI provisions and Tender submission undertaking.

f.       Any other documents as per Check list above.

7)       The contractor shall submit the original DD for cost of Bid documents ,EMD  in the prescribed form, and hard copies of other documents as per Para ‘8)’ above  in a sealed envelope with mention of Name of work, date & time of opening of bids in a sealed bid box in the office of Executive Engineer (Electrical), BSNL Electrical Division- Bilaspur  up to 12.30 PM    on   25/07/2018    and shall be opened on the same day at 01.00 PM in presence of AO, SDE/JTO [E-P] and contractors present .


8)       Online bid documents submitted by intending bidders shall be opened only of those bidders, whose Earnest Money Deposit, Cost of Bid Document and other required documents placed in the envelope are found in order. Also the scanned uploaded eligibility conditions [As per 1) and other documents as above per Para ‘8) of bidders meet the criteria.


9)       After submission of the bid online the contractor can resubmit revised bid any number of times but before last time and date of submission of bid as notified.


10)   While submitting the revised bid, contractor can revise the rate of one or more item(s) any number of times (he need not reenter rate of all the items) but before last time and date of submission of bid as notified.


11)   The bid submitted shall become invalid and cost of bid & e-tender processing fees shall not be refunded if:


(i)     The bidder is found ineligible.

(ii)    The bidder does not upload all the documents (including GST registration/ PAN No. / CA Certificate for turnover / EPF & ESI Registration Certificate / Eligibility requirements and other documents as per check list) as stipulated in the bid document. (iii) Any discrepancy is noticed between the documents as uploaded at the time of submission of bid and hard copies as submitted physically in the office of tender opening authority.


12)   Last Date of submission of on line bid on is 25/07/2018                      up to 12.30 PM.


13)   General conditions of contract for works in BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED are available on BSNL website or as well as in the Division Office. Tenderer shall quote his rates as per various terms and conditions of the said form


14)   For eTendering of this tender BSNL has engaged eportal maintained by M/S ITI, New Delhi. The agency intending to participate in tendering process shall have to register with ITI, New Delhi. For details kindly visit website or contact Shri
Mohan Soni  (Mobile number 9926170388 , 8309920951 ). For any information kindly
Contact N.A Nandanwar , EE(Electrical), BSNL Electrical Division Bilaspur  (Mob No.9425532922   )


15)   The intending bidders must have Class-III digital signature to submit the bid.


16)   On opening date, the contractor can login and see the bid opening process. After opening of bids he will receive the competitor bid sheet.


17)   Contractor can upload documents in the form of JPG format, PDF format and any other format as permissible by the e- tendering portal.


18)   Contractor must ensure to quote rate of each item. The column meant for quoting rate in figures appears in yellow color and moment rate is entered, it turns sky blue. In addition to this, while selecting any of the cells a warning appears that if any cell is left blank the same shall be treated as “0”. Therefore if any cell is left blank and no rate is quoted by the bidder, rate of such item shall be treated as “0” {Zero}.


19)   Deviation if any in NIT will be given by the firm on its letter head duly signed & same shall be uploaded. In the absence of such letter it will be assumed that there are no deviations.


20)   The description of the work is as follows-

Operation & Comprehensive maintenance of EMS in Max-I Ambikapur bdg    & its staff quarters compound & comprehensive maintenance of EMS in Telephone Exchanges & staff quarters in near by area.( SH :- Attending the defects of Split/window AC units on Risk & Cost of m/s Shree Gouri   Electric Enterprise Kolkata)


21)   Before e- tendering, the contractor shall inspect the site and fully acquaint himself about the condition with regard to accessibility of site and site nature and the extend of grounds, working condition, including stocking of materials, installation of T&P etc., and conditions affecting accommodation and movement of labour etc., required for the satisfactory execution of the contract. No claim whatsoever on such account shall be entertained by the BSNL in any circumstances.


22)   Agreement shall be drawn with the successful Tenderer on prescribed Form No. BSNL EW6/8, which is available on BSNL website  Or


23)   Date fixed for opening of tender, if subsequently, is declared as holiday by the BSNL, then, in absence of
such notification, the tender will be opened on next working day, time and venue remaining unaltered.


24)          For redressal of any vigilance complaints, following officers may be contacted:


DE(Vig.) o/o CGMT

DE (Vig.)O/o CGMT Khamardih, Raipur (C.G.)




Chief Engineer(E),BSNL  Electrical Zone, Raipur

O/o C.E.(E), BSNL Elect. Zone, 4th floor, Auto Exchange, .G.E. Road,Raipur





O/o CGMT, Khamardih, Raipur(C.G.)




25)     The Validity period of EMD must be 120 days, from the date of opening of tender.

26)   The documents submitted by contractor should be self attested.

27)   The EMD of all the unsuccessful tenderers shall be released on issue of award letter to the successful tenderer. This shall be done within one week of award letter.    

28)   The EMD of the successful tenderer will be returned to the contractor without interest only after submission of performance guarantee. The successful tenderer has to extend the validity of EMD as per BSNL requirements.

29)   In case the eligibility credentials are found to be fake or falsified at any stage i.e. before award of work or during execution of the work or after completion of the work, the contractor will be debarred from tendering in BSNL for three years including any other action under the contract or existing law.

30)   Exemption from payment of earnest money and security deposit by any other unit/ department shall not hold good for BSNL.

31)    Performance Guarantee: The  contractor  is  required  to  furnish  performance  guarantee  for  an amount equal to 5% of the contract value in the form of bank guarantee / CDR/FDR/DD (of a   nationalized/ Scheduled  Bank  in a  standard  format)  within  two  weeks  from  the  date of  issue  of  award  letter. This period can be further extended by the Engineer-in-charge up to a maximum period of 2 weeks on written request of Contractor. The validity period of the performance security in the form of performance bank guarantee shall be 15 months from the date of award of work. The PBG shall be kept valid by the bidder up to 12 months from the actual date of completion of agreement. In case the bidder fails to deposit the said performance guarantee within the stipulated period, including the extended period if any, the Earnest Money deposited by the bidder shall be forfeited automatically without any notice to the bidder and the bidder will not be allowed to participate in the re tendering for the same work. This performance guarantee shall be submitted in the Electrical Division in the name of Accounts officer (cash) O/o GMTD, BSNL Bilaspur.


32)    Security deposit:


A sum @ 10% of the gross amount of the bill shall be deducted from each running bill of the contractor till the sum will amount to security deposit of 10% (i/c 5% PBG) of the Tendered value of the single agreement for supply and ITC portion.

NOTE: The security deposit deducted during running bills (except 5% Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG)) shall be refunded after satisfactory completion of guarantee period.


33)   The acceptance of a tender will rest with the E.E.(E)  BSNL ED Bilaspur   who does not bind himself to accept the  lowest  tender  or  any  other  tender and  reserves to himself the  Authority  to  reject lowest or all the tenders received without assigning any reason.  All tenders in which any of the prescribed  conditions are  not  fulfilled  or  incomplete  in  any  respect  are  liable  to  be  rejected. Tenders with any condition including that of conditional rebates shall be rejected forthwith summarily.


34)   Canvassing in connection with tender is strictly prohibited and the tenders submitted by the contractors who resort to canvassing will be liable for rejection.


35)  The BSNL reserves itself the right of accepting the whole or any part of the tender and the tenderer shall be bound to perform the same at the rates quoted.


36)   The tenderer should give a certificate that none of his/her relative is employed in BSNL units. In case of proprietorship firm, certificate will be given by the proprietor and for partnership firm certificate will be given by all the Directors of the company.


i)        Near relatives of all BSNL employees either directly recruited or on deputation are prohibited         from participation in tenders and execution of works in the different units of BSNL. The near     relatives for this purpose are defined as:


  a)  Members of a Hindu Undivided family.

  b)  They are husband and wife.

  c) The  one  is  related  to  the  other  in  the  manner  as  father,  mother,  son(s)  &  son's  wife(daughter-in-law),  Daughter(s)  &  daughter's  husband(son-in-law),  brother(s)  &  brother's wife, sister(s) & sister's husband(brother -in-law).

iii) The  company  or firm  or  any  other person  is not  permitted to  tender  for works  in BSNL  Unit  in which  his  near  relative(s)  is(are)  posted.  The  unit  is  defined  as  SSA/Circle/Chief Engineer/Chief Archt./Corporate office for non executive  employees and all  SSA in a circle including circle office/Chief Eng./Chief Archt./Corporate office for executive employees (including those called as Gazetted officers at  present). The tenderer should give a certificate that none of his/her such near relative is working in the units as defined above where he is going to apply for tender/work, for proprietorship, Parternership firms and limited company   certificate shall be given by the    authorized signatory of the firm. Any breach  of  these conditions  by  the  company  or  firm  or  any  other  person,  the tender/work  will  be Cancelled and earnest money/performance guarantee will be forfeited at any stage whenever it is  so noticed. BSNL will not pay any damages to the company or firm or the concerned person. The company or firm or the person will also be debarred for further participation in the concerned unit.

   The format of the certificate to be given is,  

"I………………………………… Son  of  Shri.………………………..…….…….Resident  of……………………... hereby certify  that none of  my relative(s)  as  defined in the tender document  is/are employed  in  BSNL  unit  as per details given in tender document.  In case at any stage, it is found that the information given by me is false / incorrect, BSNL shall have the absolute right to take any action as deemed fit/without any prior intimation to me".


  (Seal of the firm)                                                                         ( Signature of Contractor )


37)     No employee in BSNL/ Govt. of India is allowed to work as a contractor for a period of two years of his retirement from service without the prior permission.  The contract is liable  to be cancelled if either  the contractor  or  any  of his  employees is found  at any time  to be  such  a person  who  had  not  obtained  the permission as aforesaid before submission of tender and engagement in the contractors service.

38)     The  tender  for  the  works  shall  not  be  witnessed  by  the  contractor  who  himself/themselves has/  have tendered or  who  may and  has/have tender for  the  same  work.  Failure to observe this condition would render tenders of the contractors tendering as witnessing the tender is/are liable for summarily rejection.

39)     The tenders for the work shall remain open for acceptance for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of the tenders.  If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said period or makes any modification in the terms and conditions of the tender which is not acceptable to the BSNL shall, without prejudice to any other right of remedy be at liberty to forfeit 50% (fifty percent only)  of the said earnest money absolutely.


40)     Extension of validity:  In case, where the  letter of award of work  cannot be placed  within the validity period of the tender,  the BSNL  can request all tenderers  to extend the validity of their respective tenders and  the  Earnest  Money deposit by a reasonable  period.  In such cases, extension of validity of Earnest Money deposit by 30 days beyond the extended validity date of tender should also be asked for.   While BSNL can make the request for extension, the tenderer is free to either extend the validity or refuse the request to extend the validity.

41)     The contractor should read the tender documents carefully before submitting the tender.   


42)     The Notice Inviting Tender shall form part of the contract document, in accordance with clause-1 of the contract.  The contract shall be deemed to have come into effect on issue of communication of acceptance of tender.  On such communication of acceptance, the  successful tenderer /contractor shall within 15 days from such date,  formally sign the contract consisting of:-


(a)  The Notice Inviting Tender, all the documents including additional conditions, specifications and drawings, if any, forming part of the tender and as issued at the time of invitation of tenders and  acceptance thereof together with any correspondence leading thereto.


(b)Standard E.W.-8 Form.


45)           The conditional tender or tenders with conditional rebate shall be summarily rejected.


46)           The Tender documents shall not be sent through the Courier/Post. Tender documents received through Courier/post shall not be opened / considered at all.


47)        All communication with the bidders shall be in writing. Fax / E-mail shall be covered under this category and considered as adequate means of communication.


48)        EPF PROVISIONS:- The agency has to comply with the provisions of EPF and miscellaneous provisions Act-1952 and employees provident fund scheme-1952 as amended up to date in respect of labours/employees engaged by them for this work. Any consequence arising due to non- complying of provisions as specified above shall be the sole responsibility of the firm only. The agency shall give an undertaking to this effect as per the prescribed proforma (UNDERTAKING REGARDING EPF PROVISIONS)


49)              If any terms and conditions mentioned from P-1 to P-53 are in contravention to BSNL EW General Conditions of Contract 2010, the terms and conditions mentioned from P-1 to P-35 shall prevail.      



Without prejudice of any of the rights or remedies under this contract, if the contractor dies, the Engineer in charge on behalf of the BSNL shall have the option of terminating the contract without compensation to the contractor.




If the CBI / Independent External Monitor (IEM) / Income Tax/ Sales Tax/Central Excise/Custom Department recommend such a course- Action will be taken as per the directions of CBI or concerned department.



                                                                                                                                EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (ELECT.)

                 BSNL Electrical  Division,


For and on behalf of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

                                                                                      Phone no.   07752-  268899 , Fax no. 07752-268888  


01. The GMTD, Bilaspur./ TDM Raigarh / TDM Ambikapur .

 02. The Superintending Engineer (E), O/o Sr. CE(E) BSNL Electrical Zone, Raipur.

03. The Sub Divisional Engineer (E), BSNL Electrical Sub Division, Bilaspur / Raigarh / Ambikapur .

04. The Accounts Officer(Cash) O/O the GMTD Bilaspur.

06. The All Contractors.                                                                       EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (ELECT.)